Wow, the day is finally here! Welcome to my website, Blissfully Rebecca, I am so grateful for you stopping by. This website is truly a reflection of me and my passion for all things wellness. I’m so excited to share my favourite simple + healthy tips, whole food recipes, lifestyle habits and more! I hope that through sharing my experience + knowledge, I can inspire people just like you to embark on a healthier, happier life.

Healthy living is becoming so mainstream, I mean you can find endless information online but I find there is so much noise about the real facts. It’s great that people are seeking information on how to be healthier, but there is so much noise and conflicting information that it can become overwhelming. People use phrases like self-care, balance and mindfulness and expect that everyone (and I mean everyone) should know what they’re talking about. But let’s be honest, do we know what those phrases mean? I’m going to guess that we don’t, because I believe that regardless of information and theory, the healthiest life depends on each individual person. What works for me, may not work for you and that’s okay. Take my suggestions at face value, if you are intrigued, try what I’m saying. If not, that’s okay too.

For my first post, I really wanted to talk about something that has been a game changer for me. So here it is, let’s talk self-care. I like to think of self-care as any deliberate and conscious act to honour, respect and take care of you! This could be going for a daily nature walk, setting aside time to read your favourite book, making + eating a nourishing meal, etc. – it’s really whatever speaks to you.


The important thing to remember about self-care is it should be a daily practice. To really honour and respect yourself, you need to make self-care a non-negotiable and do it every day.

I dislike making this generalization, but as women, I’ve seen that we tend to put the needs of others (especially our loved ones) above our own. I find it so easy to become consumed in my responsibilities that sometimes I forget to stop and check-in with myself. Neglecting to do this is like major self-care sabotage.

Below are some of my favourite ideas for ways you can incorporate more self-care into your life. By no means do you need to do all (or any of them). Find what works for you, makes you feel great and is realistic for your life. Choose + incorporate habits that you want to commit to, because let’s face it, self-care is for you. No one, including me, can tell you what will make you feel best. I can share my favourites but then you have the power to do what you will.

  • Create a Morning Routine 

I was recently reminded just how powerful a morning routine is. No joke, a beautiful morning routine changes the tone of your ENTIRE DAY.

Let me paint you a picture – you know those mornings where you miss your alarm (let’s be honest, we’ve all been there) and you jump out of bed? Immediately you are panicked and rushed. Believe me, you carry this same energy with you ALL DAY.

So instead, make a conscious effort to wake up earlier (even if its only 5-10 minutes) and start your day in a way that feels good to you. This could be meditation, gentle stretching + mindful movement, reading while you enjoy a cup of tea, etc. Trust that starting your day in this really positive, nourishing and loving way will carry forward and prepare you for whatever the day throws at you.

Check back for an expanded post on Creating Nourishing Morning Routines in the future, xx 

  • Mindfully Move Your Body

Let’s make this SIMPLE, how do you enjoy moving your body? Do that.

For me, I love flowing yoga, HIIT (high intensity interval training), barre and running. But here’s my philosophy, as long as you are CONSISTENTLY moving your body and challenging yourself, that’s great. In fact, that’s perfect!

  • Nourish Your Body with Real Food

Food is most definitely a form of self-care. When I say food, I mean the whole experience of food – including preparation, presentation, consumption + digestion. How can you make meal time a more mindful experience? The answer can be pretty simple, SLOW DOWN. Use food as an art – destress while you prepare your food in the kitchen and get creative! When it comes time to serve your food (even if its just for you), make it beautiful. This helps to increase feelings of satiety because it creates an experience with your food.

Also remember to chew your food while you eat it – chewing is the first step of digestion (plus it makes you actually taste the goodness you are nourishing your body with). A dietician once told me to drink your food and chew your drink/liquid – meaning chew your food until it is a liquid consistency (for most people this means chewing 20-30 times per bite) and chew your liquids, meaning that you still need to chew that smoothie. Failing to chew can lead to bloating, an upset stomach, cramping, improper nutrient absorption, etc.

  • Spend Quality Time Away from Technology 

When I say quality time, I mean time spent doing something that you enjoy and love. Let’s face it, we spend SO much time on our phones, computers and/or in front of screens. Honour yourself and take a break from technology (aim for at least one hour per day to be technology free). Take a walk in nature, read your favourite book, etc.

  • Use Clean Beauty + Skincare Products

If you love clean beauty + skincare products, a really nourishing self-care routine could be to create your own do-it-yourself products at home. Go on over to Pinterest and find a DIY recipe that speaks to you – there’s just one rule, make sure that you can pronounce (and ideally know) all of the ingredients in the recipe.

If DIY isn’t really your thing, you can still use beauty + skincare products as a form of self-care. How? Choose clean, natural products that don’t have synthetic fragrances, petroleum based products, etc. Choosing clean products is a nourishing practice that is super healthy for your skin and internal health.

Self-care is very individual and unique to you. What are your favourite ways to show your body + mind love? 

Disclaimer: There is SO much information available and it can get confusing because there are also so many theories of what’s the RIGHT and BEST way to do something. The information shared in this post is based on my knowledge and PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. As with everything I share on this website, the information has been tried + tested by me, if I’m not a fan, I won’t share it with you.